Intelligent tools for managing your DeFi portfolio

After successful launches on top DEXs on multiple blockchains, our first centralized exchange listing is imminent.

KeyFi is a powerful new aggregator that you can use to track, manage, and deploy your capital intelligently across DeFi. Manage your DeFi portfolio across multiple blockchains, platforms, and protocols while keeping up with the markets using our premium research dashboard, news feed, and custom alert system.

MEXC Listing $KEYFI on January 11, 2022

Last week, we…

The rising centralized exchange backs KeyFi.

We are honored to announce that MEXC Global has made a strategic investment in KeyFi. With MEXC Global as our first strategic investor, we aim to scale our development, expand onto more blockchains, platforms, and protocols, and generate more exposure.

We expect benefits on both ends:

  • We continue with…


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